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how to clean silver jwelry
Care and Maintain Your Silver Jewelry

Information, tell you how to care for sterling silver jewelry, learn how to clean and polish 925 silver jewelry. Let your beloved jewelry shine for much longer.


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bend bangle bracelet  (1).jpg
How to bend your cuff bangle/bracelet

Many people broke their bangle because of using the wrong method to enlarge the open end. If you don’t have a proper tool to enlarge your bangle, then you better to give that a little bit of patience. Which actually will only take a few minutes. See these image may help you prevent from broken your beloved bangle/bracelet or Ring.


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silver vs stainless steel
Top 6 major difference between these 925 Sterling silver and Stainless Steel Jewelry. Price Value, Weight. Flexibility, Details, Shine, Lasting

First of all, we are telling these in terms of Jewelry. Yes, we are talking jewelry, not something technical, we are trying to analyze what kind of alloy metal they are, but just simply tell you what is the difference when it comes to jewelry.


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