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During the Global Virus Outbreak

Dear Customer

I believe we all notice the current situation right now. Oversea shipping has been restricted, our regular E-express (7-14 days) service has been temperately suspended. The only option we have left to use is below

1.) Speed Post

Which takes only 3-4days but quite expensive, unless you are buying a very valuable product otherwise we "don't recommend it". The fee is USD 35. We will send you the official post office receipt for you in order to prove that we did not overcharge even a dollar. (use the following to purchase the shipping upgrade on Etsy) Or contact us on Heritage84.

2) Flat shipping (35-50 days)

Old school flat shipping, no additional charges. you just need to let me know you can accept the long waiting.

3) Wait for Regular E-express

We don't know how long they will suspend the service. But we assume for another 2 weeks.

4) Full Refund

We know it is a tough time for everyone. You can ask for a full refund whenever before we ship the item. Feel Free to let us know.

5) Stay home & keep safe

This is not an option. But something we should all do.


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