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A Graceful addition Onyx Necklace

Onyx necklace in 925 sterling silver

Newest Hottest To Heritage84

We are please to introduce two beautiful Sterling silver jewelry, an Onyx necklace and a little pinkie finger ring, Wonderful addition to our website.

The Onyx Necklace

This is a true master piece of art, Rose like pendant in high quality 925 sterling silver, embrace natural stone, India quality black onyx gracefully sit in the middle on the pendant, a fine piece of art, great present for any women.

Adjustable Pinky Finger Ring

A lovely little pinky finger ring, size good on pinkie, adjustable ring design, easy to be fit well on you, and nothing need to worry about size. If you put it on your last finger, size 7 should do well for most female, and if you wanted to put it on your middle finger or index finger, then it should be on US size 8 to US size 9 for female. Sterling silver made, light weight, fabulous for daily.

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