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Does Sterling silver jewelry change color ?

Yes! It does change color by the time!

But don't worry, there are ways that you can clean it and maintain it. Silver is a material that would naturally brownish, tarnish, oxidized, but clean it is not as different as we think. Use silver cleaning Polishing cloth is one of the best and easy ways to clean your tarnished or oxidized silver, you can buy this kind of cloth in many places, or ask the jewelry seller give you one, good jewelry seller should provider cleaning cloth if their product has reached certain value. Contact us to get a free polishing cloth.


If you don't have a polishing cloth, you might as well try to use your toothpaste, with a smooth clean cloth, this can also do the effect of polishing, surely clean your jewelry like they're new. Some people might argue about using toothpaste to clean silver jewelry, the potential of making tarnish accelerated, however, we've used this method for quite a bit of time, and it seems like the problem is not quite obvious. Anyhow for treasures jewelry, we'd still recommend using a polishing cloth that we mentioned above. 

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