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Heritage84 Online store payments
Heritage84 Safe web
Heritage84 online store payments

Security Measure

We are not a big fan of internet technology, but we do realize how important is to secure and protect our valuable customers.


First We have McAfee be our first allover defense, make sure there is No Malware or Malicious Links, No Phishing Detected, And our SSL Certificate is valid.


Second, through our host shopping cart provider, check out will be done in https page,  checkout is secure by SSL,

Customer's personal details are securely sealed and protected. Please read more about Checkout security.


Finally our checkout through secured payment gateway, we accept Paypal payment, and direct credit card payment via Stripe so we will not obtain any of your personal detail or credit card details. And Paypal provides after service, you are perfectly safe to purchase in here.

To let people feeling even safer on online shopping, we also have a shop on FacebookEtsy, and Ebay you can also use these platform to buy our products.

Heritage84 | Jewelry | Facebook
Etsy | Heritage84 | 925 | Jewelry |
Heritage84 ebay

We highly recommend our guest register and pay through PayPal one of the world's leading payment gateway, with PayPal account, you won't have to disclose or reveal your credit card to any online store. That will surely make your online shopping easy safe. If you didn't receive your product or you receive an empty box you can use PayPal’s online resolution center to report your dispute. You must do so within 180 days of paying.


* PayPal is FREE and protects your purchases
* Your financial information is kept secure and private
* Safer and faster than other payment methods

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