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Chinese Lunar New year 2017

Story | Chinese Lunar New Year

Time to prepare Chinese New Year, one of the most important day in China, there has a lot of story behind Lunar New Year, in China "Lunar" means "farm", and that can be call as Farmers New year, because back to the old time, farmers start do their farming right after this day, years by years it becomes an important day of them, a day they start work, scatter seeds on earth.

By the way, this year is the year of Chicken!

So back to us.

During the the New year (25 Jan to 6 Feb) we won't be able to ship our products, however we will offer a discount for whoever place their order during the period. it's 20% OFF for any item, no minimums request. And we will arrange and ship the order as soon as we come back from holiday!

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