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Chinese Cloisonné Zodiac Jewelry

Vintage Cloisonne

Cloisonne is an interesting technique to study, it was a super old fashion technique, use upon Chinese Vase and Jewelry, it seems like kinda faded during the time, but it's definitely the signal of Vintage. That's why people love Vintage are so fascinated on these vases or jewelry.

Traditional Cloisonne Workmanship

The Technique has been pass from generation to generations, it was popular during Ming dynasty of China which is about 1450 to 1456, with it's featured blue color Chinese cloisonné jewelry once became a well know technique to the period. However due to complex work procedure, this technique was once lost among artisans.

Rebirth Old Fashion Jewelry

It is a lovely technique, why let it fade out? Now Heritage84 is trying to bring these cloisonne jewelry back to the trend. Impress people by combining Fashion with vintage, let the impact scatter around.

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