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How to bend your cuff bangle/bracelet

Updated: Dec 21, 2019

Many people broke their bangle because of using the wrong method to enlarge the open end. If you don’t have a proper tool to enlarge your bangle, then you better to give that a little bit of patience. Which actually will only take a few minutes. See these image may help you prevent from broken your beloved bangle/bracelet or Ring.

The "wrong way" to enlarge your bangle

Most people hold both end of the bangle use force like going to tear the bangle apart, that is a very bad way to enlarge your bangle. Do Not put too much pressure at the middle of your bangle or rings, that may crack your bangle/ring, or even breaking the item into two pieces. Do not over bend it. Some of the wrap ring, or fashion style ring are the same.

The wrong way to enlarge your bangle

The Correct way to bend your bangle

One of your hand needs to hold still near the middle point, about 1 cm from the middle. and another hand is the where you use a bit of your strength to bend it outward, although cuff bangle can be bent, whichever way you do, over bend will still damage your jewelry. SO take it easy, don’t rush.

The Correct way to bend your bangle

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