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Heritage84 owner

Photo: Hennessy stands in the jewelry store in southern India where he bought his first exotic Indian ring. This ring would become the inspiration for opening his own jewelry brand. March 2014.

Heritage84 Jewelry owner

Photo: Hennessy sits beside the Taj Mahal, wearing his first exotic Indian ring. Agra, India. April 2014.

Story About the Jewelry Store

We started with a group of travelers who enjoy traveling, especially exploring rural villages in developing countries. We are all fascinated with the artistic jewelry made by country artisans. They are not made with high-value materials like gold or diamond, but simply materials that exist in their natural surroundings. We believe true value is not just about what an item is made of, but also how it is made. We appreciate every piece of our fine craftsmanship and aim for it to bring more heart and soul to your personal style. We hope others will also be inspired when they see the unique treasures you wear from our imperfection collection.

(Sara & Hennessy Lam)

The Inspiration

When I  was traveling in southern India, I came across a merchant who was originally from Cashmere (Kashmir). He had arrived in India as a refugee and ended up becoming a jewelry seller. I remember we had a good conversation and I knew he was going to sell me something. Eventually, I picked a traditional southeastern-style Indian ring. It was a finger ring that covered two joints on my index finger, about 3cm long. On the surface was a handcrafted flower motif made of sterling silver, according to the seller. I tried to bargain to get a better price for this ring, not sure exactly how much of a discount he should give me. The merchant said it was the first of its kind, a prototype ring. Although I didn’t believe him, I bought it anyway. This ring became my very first exotic ring and I cherished it.

After that I began to enjoy searching for handmade jewelry, especially rings in Indian markets because they are different from what I am familiar with. They don’t suit everyone’s taste, but the designs are rather unique.

When I returned to Hong Kong, I was totally out of money. So I worked in a restaurant as a temp. Then one day, this ring vanished at work without a trace. After a while, I searched online to see if I could find something similar. I ended up contacting the suppliers directly and that’s how I began my own online shop.

Hennessy Lam

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring people happiness through the unique treasures from our imperfection collection. Our aim is to improve your personal style, not just make a profit. Our business is not purely for commercial purposes. Rather, we want people to enjoy their shopping experience and feel that our items add something meaningful to their lives. If you can’t afford a specific item, please tell us. As long as you have a good reason, we would be happy to send you a free gift or discount voucher/cash voucher.



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