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Return & Refund Policy | Heritage84

30 Days Refund Policy

To satisfy every one of our clients we accept your refund if you don't happy with your product. Please read following in order to understand this policy.


1. Please email us your request and we will provide the postal address for the product return, the refund procedure will be done in about a week after we receive the returned product. You can always ask for the status.


2. 30 days refund policy only apply to an international transaction. For local (Hong Kong) and domestic client we will have 15 days for you to return your product. For Face to Face selling, we offer 6 days for you to return the item.


* International 30 days
* Local Hong Kong 15 days
* Face to Face selling 6 days  


3. **Please be aware, refunds will not be issued if the returned products have been damaged or altered in any way before arriving at the Returns Center. The signature label (with product code) on the product cannot be removed, if the signature label has been removed, we will have the right not to issue the full refund.


4. Please send your return using a reliable carrier that offers to track (such as UPS, FedEx, DHL, or another courier with tracking service).  


5. It is strongly recommended that you ensure the package, as you will be responsible for ensuring that all items arrive at the returns center in their original condition.


Free Gift items

Free gifts are not entitled to the "Refund policy", and can not exchange other products.


On sale & discount Item

On Sale Items with discount 50% or over 50% are not entitled to the "Refund policy"
**Except for clients who use the discount voucher for their purchase.



Cancellation must be made before we ship out the product, please contact us
If the product already shipped, please proceed return.



We allowed the client to return an item for a replacement instead of a refund, choose another product as a replacement instead of a refund.
(exact same one or same value)

**When you use replacement policy to exchange another product, your second product will not cover by our refund policy.  

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