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Online Shopping - How to Buy?

Online shopping safty | Heritage84

Important!! DOES NOT collect your personal details or any credit card information. But only your Name and Email. You will fill nothing before you click checkout options. Choose Checkout or Paypal.


Checkout Options



Click here will direct you to SSL pages “highest level security pages” (PCI DDS Level 1), in which you will see the domain with https://  and everything you fill in here is protected by SSL certificate (issued by avast). 



If you have a Paypal account, you don’t need to fill in anything, but just simply PayPal account. You know that if you had use PayPal before, it’s super easy. This page will also direct you to SSL secured page, but you don’t have to fill any information but only your country for shipping calculation.


https carts check out page

When you click “checkout” you will be direct to an e-shop checkout page which is an SSL secured page ( ) secured by avast! 
This is the page you will be safely fill in your credit card to finish the payment. 


Credit card payment

In this page, you can pay directly with your credit card which is provided by credit processor Stripe.


Paypal account
or Credit card via Paypal

Or you can do payment with Paypal (** you don’t have to have a Paypal account to use this option) another word you can pay directly with your credit card without PayPal account.

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