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The Mysterious sculpture
Handmade sterling silver pendant
Sterling silver chain with handcrafted pendant. Fairy like sculpture necklace.Product origin: unknown

This pendant is one of the super mysterious treasure we found in an old market. The reason why this item is so mysterious was because the figure it depict a sort of female figure with wings, a shape more or less alike fairy or goddess in western point of view, it is so detail, so delicate. We've been totally blow up by how small and delicate it is. And the whole thing we like to say is, it's unlike a product of Cambodia although the previous owner claim that it's a Cambodian made product.

Mysterious - Handmade sterling silver pendant

庫存單位: NL3021
  • 925 Sterling silver
    Finishing: Polished
    Size: Adjustable

  • 0.45 Oz

  *Currency in USD

  *For other currency Please visit our Etsy Store

  ** From "Hong Konger"

** Insurance auto-apply when order over $45

** Full Refund accepted

  ** Due to the light source, Color might Slightly  Different from the actual object.

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